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11. In India, West Bengal is the largest producer of

(A)  Wheat
(B)  Rice
(C)  Barley
(D)  Mango

Correct Answer: (B)  Rice

12. In which year, Jyoti Basu became the Chief Minister of West Bengal for the first time

(A)  1971
(B)  1975
(C)  1977
(D)  1980

Correct Answer: (C)  1977

13. Total number of Districts in West Bengal is

(A)  14
(B)  16
(C)  19
(D)  20

Correct Answer: (D)  20

14. Who is known as the last independent Nawab of Bengal

(A)  Mir Jafar
(B)  Siraj ud-Daulah
(C)  Sarfaraz Khan
(D)  None of the above

Correct Answer: (B)  Siraj ud-Daulah

15. The Kolkata Metro service was started from the year

(A)  1978
(B)  1981
(C)  1984
(D)  1985

Correct Answer: (C)  1984

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