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101. Who among the following was offered Membership of the Royal Asiatic Society of Paris

(A)  Dadabhai Naoroji
(B)  Michael Madhusudan Dutta
(C)  Raja Rammohan Roy
(D)  Vivekanand

Correct Answer: (B)  Michael Madhusudan Dutta

102. The Visva-Bharati University was established by Rabindranath Tagore in the year

(A)  1920
(B)  1921
(C)  1922
(D)  1923

Correct Answer: (B)  1921

103. Out of the below mentioned Nawabs, who tried to raise a modern and discipline Army on European lines

(A)  Mir Jafar
(B)  Mir Qasim
(C)  Ali Vardi Khan
(D)  Siraj-ud-dola

Correct Answer: (B)  Mir Qasim

104. Which of the following started the “Young Bengal” movement

(A)  Vivian Derozio
(B)  William Jones
(C)  Raja Ram Mohan Roy
(D)  Kesava Chandra Sen

Correct Answer: (A)  Vivian Derozio

105. Who won the Sahitya Akademi Award 2017 in the Bengali Language

(A)  Amitra Sudan Bhattacharya
(B)  Buddhadeb Dasgupta
(C)  Afsar Ahmed
(D)  Debes Ray

Correct Answer: (C)  Afsar Ahmed

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