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51. West bengal is the ______ populous state in India

(A)  2nd
(B)  3rd
(C)  4th
(D)  6th

Correct Answer: (C)  4th

52. Total number of Indian States with which West Bengal shares its borders

(A)  3
(B)  5
(C)  6
(D)  7

Correct Answer: (B)  5

53. Kolkata is the _______ largest city in India

(A)  3rd
(B)  5th
(C)  7th
(D)  9th

Correct Answer: (C)  7th

54. Total number of districts in West Bengal is

(A)  21
(B)  23
(C)  25
(D)  27

Correct Answer: (B)  23

55. Bengali is the _______ most spoken native language in the world

(A)  5th
(B)  7th
(C)  8th
(D)  9th

Correct Answer: (B)  7th

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