Vitamins and Coenzymes – Section 1

11. Lipoic acid exists in

A. oxidized form
B. reduced form
C. oxidized and reduced form both
D. none of these

Correct Answer: C. oxidized and reduced form both

12. Vitamin B12 is useful in the prevention and treatment of

A. pernicious anemia
B. scurvy
C. cataract
D. beri-beri

Correct Answer: A. pernicious anemia

13. An example of a digestive hormone is

A. lipase
B. pepsin
C. amylase
D. gastrin

Correct Answer: D. gastrin

14. In the co-enzyme B12 the position occupied by a cyanide ion in vitamin B12 is bonded directly to the __________ of the ribose of adenosine.

A. adenine
B. 5-6 dimethylbenzimidazole
C. hydroxycobalamin
D. cyanocobalamin

Correct Answer: A. adenine

15. The reductant, NADH, transfers the electrons via a flavo-proteins to the specific disulfide (S-S) protein to form a dithiol (SH,SH) protein which converts vitamin

A. B12(Co2+)to B12(Co)
B. B12(Co) to B12(Co2+)
C. B12(Co2+)to B12(Co+)
D. B12(Co+)to B12(Co2+)

Correct Answer: C. B12(Co2+)to B12(Co+)

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