Viruses From Animal and Plants – Section 1

11. Mumps vaccine is prepared from the cultures of

A. chick fibroblasts
B. African green monkey cells
C. healthy calves
D. sheep

Correct Answer: A. chick fibroblasts

12. The microbes which are most likely to be completely dependent on a plant or animal host are

A. viruses
B. bacteria
C. fungi
D. algae

Correct Answer: A. viruses

13. The two major components of viruses are

A. fat and protein
B. nucleic acid and protein
C. carbohydrate and nucleic acid
D. fat and carbohydrate

Correct Answer: B. nucleic acid and protein

14. The transcription of the viral nucleic acid into mRNA is not necessary in case of

A. RNA viruses
B. ds DNA viruses
C. ss DNA viruses
D. all of these

Correct Answer: A. RNA viruses

15. West Nile virus can cause a disease in human beings that may be transmitted from an infected bird to a person by a mosquito. This is an example of

A. endogenous infection
B. fomite borne disease
C. arthropod borne disease
D. nosocomial infection

Correct Answer: C. arthropod borne disease

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