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51. The number of agro-climate zones in Uttar Pradesh is

(A)  5
(B)  7
(C)  8
(D)  9

Correct Answer: (D)  9

52. Biotechnology Park is located at

(A)  Lucknow
(B)  Varanasi
(C)  Agra
(D)  None of the above

Correct Answer: (A)  Lucknow

53. Who was the first person who referred Agra by its modern name

(A)  Faxian
(B)  Seleucus
(C)  Megasthenes
(D)  Ptolemy

Correct Answer: (D)  Ptolemy

54. Which Mughal Emperor introduced the concept of square Persian-styled gardens in Agra

(A)  Babur
(B)  Humayun
(C)  Akbar
(D)  Shah Jahan

Correct Answer: (A)  Babur

55. In which year the Jantar Mantar was built in Varanasi

(A)  1735
(B)  1737
(C)  1739
(D)  1742

Correct Answer: (B)  1737

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