Structure and Properties of Peptides – Section 1

31. If the F and Y angles of each peptide unit in a protein are known, which of the following may also be determined?

A. Complete secondary structure
B. Complete tertiary structure
C. Complete quaternary structure
D. Thermodynamic stability

Correct Answer: A. Complete secondary structure

32. The different orders of protein structure are determined by all of the following bond types except

A. peptide bonds
B. phospho-diester bonds
C. disulfide bridges
D. hydrogen bonds

Correct Answer: B. phospho-diester bonds

33. The heme is held in place by a bond between

A. the Fe2+and cysteine
B. the Fe3+and histidine
C. the Fe3+and cysteine
D. the Fe2+and histidine

Correct Answer: D. the Fe2+and histidine

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