Structure and Properties of Amino Acids – Section 1

11. Which of the following pairs of amino acids would carry a negative charge on their side chain at pH 8.0?

A. Asparagine & Glutamine
B. Leucine & Glycine
C. Histidine & Lysine
D. Aspartate & Glutamate

Correct Answer: D. Aspartate & Glutamate

12. In a polypeptide average mass of an amino acid residue is

A. 110 daltons
B. 118 daltons
C. 80 daltons
D. 150 daltons

Correct Answer: A. 110 daltons

13. Which pair of amino acids absorbs the most UV light at 280 nm?

A. Threonine & Histidine
B. Trp & Tyrosine
C. Cystein & Asparagine
D. Phenylalnine & Proline

Correct Answer: B. Trp & Tyrosine

14. Which of the following is a nonstandard amino acid?

A. Cysteine
B. Isoleucine
C. Hydroxyproline
D. Histidine

Correct Answer: C. Hydroxyproline

15. Which of the following is an essential amino acid?

A. Tryptophan
B. Methionine
C. Lysine
D. All of these

Correct Answer: D. All of these

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