Staphylococcus – Section 1

6. The coagulase-reacting factor is necessary for

A. slide coagulase test
B. tube coagulase test
C. precipitation test
D. none of these

Correct Answer: B. tube coagulase test

7. Bacteria which produces coagulase is

A. S epidermidis
B. S saprophyticus
C. S aureus
D. S hominis

Correct Answer: C. S aureus

8. Staphylococcal food poisoning usually manifests itself following ingestion of contaminated food after

A. 2-6 hours
B. 8-12 hours
C. 12-18 hours
D. 18-36 hours

Correct Answer: A. 2-6 hours

9. Which of the following Staphylococcal hemolysins does not cause lysis of human RBCs?

A. β hemolysin
B. γ hemolysin
C. α hemolysin
D. δ hemolysin

Correct Answer: C. α hemolysin

10. The toxin of Staphylococcus aureus that may result into scalded skin syndrome is

A. Enterotoxin
B. Leucocidin
C. Epidermolytic toxin
D. Haemolysin

Correct Answer: C. Epidermolytic toxin

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