Special Proteins and Crop Improvement – Section 1

11. Which of the following govern sporophytic self-incompatibility in Brassica?

A. Aegilops
B. Triticum
C. Both (a) and (b)
D. S alleles

Correct Answer: D. S alleles

12. Commercial sugarcane is heterozygous with germplasm from

A. 1-3 Saccharum species
B. 3-5 Saccharum species
C. 5-7 Saccharum species
D. 7-9 Saccharum species

Correct Answer: B. 3-5 Saccharum species

13. The intervention in the communication system of nematodes offers several possibilities of biocontrol. Which of the following(s) play(s) a very important role in the host recognition?

A. Protein
B. Lipid
C. Carbohydrate moiety
D. Minerals

Correct Answer: C. Carbohydrate moiety

14. The hybrid embryo can be rescued from damage/collapse by growing it

A. at low temperature
B. at low pH
C. at low water activity
D. in artificial medium

Correct Answer: D. in artificial medium

15. For an increased level of mannitol in transgenic tobacco plants which of the following gene is transferred?

A. Mannitol dehydrogenase
B. Mannitol synthease
C. Both (a) and (b)
D. Mannitol pyrophosphorylase

Correct Answer: A. Mannitol dehydrogenase

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