Recombinant DNA – Section 1

11. Which of the following is not commonly used as vector?

A. Artificial chromosome
B. Cosmid
C. Fungi
D. Plasmid

Correct Answer: C. Fungi

12. A short molecule containing 2-20 nucleotide is

A. plasmid
B. vector
C. oligonucleotide
D. mononucleotide

Correct Answer: C. oligonucleotide

13. Enzymes that recognize and cleave specific 4 to 8 base pair sequences of DNA are

A. DNA ligase
B. helicases
C. restriction endonucleases
D. DNA gyrase

Correct Answer: C. restriction endonucleases

14. Which of the following vector can maintain the largest fragment of foreign DNA?

B. Cosmid
C. Plasmid
D. Phage

Correct Answer: A. YAC

15. Charged molecules are separated based on varying rates of migration through a solid matrix when subjected to an electric field. This technique is known as

A. photoreactivation
B. gel electrophoresis
C. autoradiography
D. blotting

Correct Answer: B. gel electrophoresis

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