Protein Synthesis – Section 1

6. Amino acids are joined together into a protein chain by which of the following?

A. Transfer RNA
B. DNA polymerase
C. Hydrogen bonds
D. Messenger RNA

Correct Answer: A. Transfer RNA

7. Phosphorus is taken up by the cell during the process of

A. carbohydrate synthesis.
B. protein synthesis,
C. lipid synthesis.
D. ATP synthesis.

Correct Answer: D. ATP synthesis.

8. Protein synthesis rates in prokaryotes are limited by the rate of mRNA synthesis. If RNA synthesis occurs at the rate of 50 nucleotides/sec, then rate of protein synthesis occurs at

A. 10 amino acids/sec
B. 17 amino acids/sec
C. 25 amino acids/sec
D. 50 amino acids/sec

Correct Answer: B. 17 amino acids/sec

9. The site of protein synthesis is

A. Ribosome
B. Nucleus
C. Endoplasmic reticulum
D. Chromosome

Correct Answer: A. Ribosome

10. The structure in a bacterium that indicates an active site for protein synthesis is

A. a chromosome.
B. a cell membrane,
C. a flagellum.
D. a polysome.

Correct Answer: D. a polysome.

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