Object Oriented Programming Using C++ – Section 9

16. “Rohan Motors” is a _____

A. character literal constant
B. numeric literal constant
C. string literal constant
D. variable

Correct Answer:  C. string literal constant

17. A programming structure that contains data and a pointer to the next object is a

A. template
B. class
C. pointer class
D. linked list

Correct Answer:  D. linked list

18. A variable declared in a function is called a(n) _____ variable

A. area
B. global
C. local
D. reference
E. value

Correct Answer:   C. local

19. When you write to a file rather than the screen, you use the C++ class _____

A. iostream
B. filed
C. fstream
D. diskclass

Correct Answer:   C. fstream

20. Which of the following numerical value(s) is(are) invalid constant(s)?

A. 0.7
B. 9.3el2
C. 27,512
D. 12345678
E. None of the above

Correct Answer:   C. 27,512

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