Object Oriented Programming Using C++ – Section 3

41. A major advantage of inheritance is

A. reducing the time it takes to create new objects
B. not having to think about how objects will be used
C. reducing the amount of memory required to execute a program
D. enabling people who have not studied programming to create useful applications

Correct Answer: A. reducing the time it takes to create new objects

42. When a variable exists or is accessible, it is said to be _____

A. immediate
B. in the path
C. available
D. in scope

Correct Answer: D. in scope

43. The feature that allows the same operations to be carried out differently depending on the object is _____

A. polymorphism
B. polygamy
C. inheritance
D. multitasking

Correct Answer: A. polymorphism

44. Which of the following is a C++ class?

A. >>
B. read()
C. cin
D. iostream

Correct Answer: D. iostream

45. Precedence determines which operator

A. is evaluated first
B. is most important
C. is fastest
D. operates on the largest number
E. None of the above

Correct Answer: A. is evaluated first

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