Object Oriented Programming Using C++ – Section 3

26. A _____ is a single item of information about a person, place, or thing

A. data file
B. field
C. program file
D. record

Correct Answer: B. field

27. Which (if any) of the following is NOT a programmer-defined type

A. an array
B. a structure
C. a class
D. All of the above are programmer-defined types

Correct Answer: D. All of the above are programmer-defined types

28. Assume a program contains a void function named displayName, which requires no formal parameters. Which of the following is a correct function prototype for this function?

A. displayName;
B. displayName(void);
C. void displayName;
D. void displayName();
E. void displayName(none);

Correct Answer: D. void displayName();

29. A file pointer always contains the address of the file

A. True
B. False

Correct Answer: B. False

30. You declare a function with a function _____, which is typically entered at the beginning of the program, below the #include directives

A. call
B. prototype declaration
C. definition
D. pointer

Correct Answer: B. prototype declaration

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