Object Oriented Programming Using C++ – Section 10

6. You have assigned the address of Value to the pointer P, Which statement will display the value stored in Value?

A. cout<<P;
B. cout<<*Value;
C. cout<<&P;
D. cout<<*P;

Correct Answer:  D. cout<<*P;

7. A constructor initialization list is preceded by

A. a. semicolon
B. a colon
C. two colons
D. a space

Correct Answer:  B. a colon

8. In C++, a function contained within a class is called

A. a member function
B. an operator
C. a class function
D. a method

Correct Answer:  A. a member function

9. Which of the following statements will create and initialize a feelnfo array named fee?

A. fee feeInfo = {{0}, {0}};
B. fee as feeInfo = 0, 0;
C. feeInfo fee = 0, 0;
D. feeInfo fee = [{0}, {0}];
E. feeInfo fee = {0,0};

Correct Answer:  E. feeInfo fee = {0,0};

10. Which of the following is the scope resolution operator?

A. ->>
B. ::
C. *
D. &

Correct Answer:  B. ::

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