Object Oriented Programming Using C++ – Section 1

31. The best form of coupling is _____

A. complete
B. tight
C. loose
D. free

Correct Answer:  C. loose

32. Paying attention to the important properties while ignoring inessential details is known as________

A. selectiveness
B. polymorphism
C. abstraction
D. summarizing

Correct Answer:  C. abstraction

33. What does C++ append to the end of a string literal constant?

A. a space
B. a number sign (#)
C. an asterisk (*)
D. a null character

Correct Answer:  D. a null character

34. An array name is a _____

A. subscript
B. formal parameter
C. memory address
D. prototype

Correct Answer:  C. memory address

35. To enter a comment in a C++ program, you begin the comment with _____

A. **
B. &&
C. \\
D. @
E.  //

Correct Answer:  E.  //

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