Object Oriented Programming Using C++ – Section 1

46. Which of the following assigns the number 5 to the area variable?

A. area 1 = 5
B. area = 5
C. area == 5
D. area –> 5
E. area < > 5

Correct Answer:  B. area = 5

47. A base class may also be called a

A. child class
B. subclass
C. derived class
D. parent class

Correct Answer:  D. parent class

48. The _____ mode tells C++ to open a file for input

A. add::ios
B. in::file
C. ios::app
D. ios::in
E. ios::out

Correct Answer:  D. ios::in

49. Using the wardrobe structure within the ShopList structure is an example of a good programming principle, known as _____

A. reusability
B. polymorphism
C. redundancy
D. recursion

Correct Answer:  A. reusability

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