Modern Indian History & Freedom Struggle

41. Tilak Swarajya Fund was started to finance which of the following movements?

(A) Civil Disobedience Movement
(B) Non-Cooperation Movement
(C) Champaran Satyagraha
(D) Rowlatt Satyagraha

Correct Answer: (B) Non-Cooperation Movement

42. Which among the following is the oldest?

(A) Border security force
(B) Central Reserve Police Force
(C) Assam Rifles
(D) National Security Guards

Correct Answer: (C) Assam Rifles

43. In which year split in All India Trade Union Congress took place?

(A) 1920
(B) 1925
(C) 1929
(D) 1935

Correct Answer: (C) 1929

44. In which year Treaty of Amritsar was signed between Ranjit Singh and East India Company?

(A) 1800
(B) 1803
(C) 1806
(D) 1809

Correct Answer: (D) 1809

45. Who among the following are known to colonize an island first of all?

(A) Britishers
(B) French
(C) Portuguese
(D) Dutch

Correct Answer: (C) Portuguese

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