Microbiology of Waste Water – Section 1

16. Oxidation ponds are shallow ponds, generally designed at the depth of

A. 2 to 40 feet
B. 4 to 6 feet
C. 1 to 3 feet
D. 5 to 8 feet

Correct Answer: A. 2 to 40 feet

17. Which of the following is generally not referred to the sewerage system?

A. Sanitary sewers
B. Storm sewers
C. Combined sewers
D. Solid sewers

Correct Answer: D. Solid sewers

18. The magnitude of BOD of wastewater is related to

A. bacterial count
B. amount of organic material
C. amount of inorganic material
D. all of the above

Correct Answer: B. amount of organic material

19. A dense bacterial population caught in a tangled web of fibers sticking to a surface describes

A. coagulation
B. a biodisc
C. a biofilm
D. the membrane filter technique

Correct Answer: C. a biofilm

20. Biogas production is

A. a temperature-dependent process
B. a temperature independent process
C. an oxygen dependent process
D. none of the above

Correct Answer: A. a temperature-dependent process

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