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26. Who is the longest serving Chief Minister of Manipur

(A)  Okram Ibobi Singh
(B)  Radhabinod Koijam
(C)  Raj Kumar Ranbir Singh
(D)  Rishang Keishing

Correct Answer: (A)  Okram Ibobi Singh

27. Which one is the highest peak in Manipur

(A)  Mount Koubru
(B)  Shirui Kashong
(C)  Mount Tempü
(D)  Cheirao Ching Peak

Correct Answer: (C)  Mount Tempü

28. Total number of elected members in the Manipur Assembly is

(A)  53
(B)  55
(C)  60
(D)  62

Correct Answer: (C)  60

29. How many seats reserved for Scheduled Tribes in the Manipur State Assembly

(A)  15
(B)  16
(C)  18
(D)  19

Correct Answer: (D)  19

30. Which National Highway connects Manipur with the rest of the country

(A)  NH-36
(B)  NH-38
(C)  NH-39
(D)  NH-40

Correct Answer: (C)  NH-39

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