Managing Databases with Oracle – General Questions

11. Of the three ways to create an Oracle database, which one is the easiest and most recommended?

A. Using the Oracle Database Configuration Assistant.
B. Using the Oracle-supplied database creation procedures.
C. Using the SQL CREATE DATABASE command.
D. None of the above is correct.

Correct Answer:  A. Using the Oracle Database Configuration Assistant.

12. What Oracle backup and recover file contains user and system data?

A. Control file
B. Datafile
C. OnLine ReDo file
D. Offline ReDo file

Correct Answer:  B. Datafile

13. When using SQL*Plus, Oracle commands, column names, table names and all other database elements:

A. are case insensitive.
B. are case sensitive.
C. must always be in lower case.
D. must always be in upper case.

Correct Answer:  A. are case insensitive.

14. Which SQL phrase is not supported by Oracle?

C. CREATE SEQUENCE [SequenceName] D. DROP SEQUENCE [SequenceName]

Correct Answer:  B. ON UPDATE CASCADE

15. What is the type of Oracle backup in which all uncommitted changes have been removed from the datafiles?

A. Full backup
B. Consistent backup
C. Inconsistent backup
D. Differential backup

Correct Answer:  B. Consistent backup

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