Introduction to Database – General Questions

6. Which of the following products was the first to implement true relational algebra in a PC DBMS?

B. Oracle
C. dBase-II
D. R:base

Correct Answer:  D. R:base

7. SQL stands for ________ .

A. Structured Query Language
B. Sequential Query Language
C. Structured Question Language
D. Sequential Question Language

Correct Answer:  A. Structured Query Language

8. Because it contains a description of its own structure, a database is considered to be ________ .

A. described
B. metadata compatible
C. self-describing
D. an application program

Correct Answer:  C. self-describing

9. The following are functions of a DBMS except ________ .

A. creating and processing forms
B. creating databases
C. processing data
D. administrating databases

Correct Answer:  A. creating and processing forms

10. Helping people keep track of things is the purpose of a(n) ________ .

A. database
B. table
C. instance
D. relationship

Correct Answer:  A. database

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