Industrially Useful Microbial Processes – Section 1

36. Chlortetracycline a broad-spectrum antibiotic is produced by

A. Streptomyces aureofaciens
B. Streptomyces rimosus
C. Streptomyces venezuelae
D. Streptomyces erythreus

Correct Answer: A. Streptomyces aureofaciens

37. The production of acetic acid from ethanol is an

A. anaerobic process
B. aerobic process
C. a combination of both
D. none of the above

Correct Answer: B. aerobic process

38. Which of the following agents involve biosensors linking with the electronic circuits?

A. Microorganisms
B. Microbially derived enzymes
C. Either microorganisms or microbially derived enzymes
D. Neither microorganisms nor microbially derived enzymes

Correct Answer: B. Microbially derived enzymes

39. β-carotene is also known as

A. vitamin A
B. provitamin A
C. vitamin C
D. vitamin D

Correct Answer: B. provitamin A

40. Vinegar is a fermentation-derived food product containing not less than

A. 4% acetic acid
B. 15% acetic acid
C. 25% acetic acid
D. 6% acetic acid

Correct Answer: A. 4% acetic acid

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