Indian History – General Knowledge Questions and Answers

61. Under the Guptas in eastern India, there was probably an intermediate level of administration between vishayas (districts) and villages. Identify it.

A. Bhukit
B. Pradesa
C. Vithi
D. Ahara

Correct Answer: C. Vithi

62. The two principles monuments of Alauddin Khilji’s reign – the Jama at Kana Masjid and Alai Darwaza –
were constructed at

A. Agra
B. Delhi
C. Dhar
D. Gulbarga

Correct Answer: B. Delhi

63. The term Nirgrantha is associated with

A. Ajivikas
B. Charvakas
C. Jainas
D. Pasupatas

Correct Answer: C. Jainas

64. The Kalinga was fought in

A. 321 BC
B. 301 BC
C. 261 BC
D. 241 BC

Correct Answer: C. 261 BC

65. Under the Government of India, Provincial Legislatures consisted of two chambers, except in the case of

A. Assam
B. Bihar
C. Madras
D. Punjab

Correct Answer: D. Punjab

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