Growth and Nutrition of Bacteria – Section 1

16. The equation used to obtain bacterial population by binary fission is

A. N = No2n
B. log N/No = (0.3010) n
C. log(N/No) = nlog 2
D. All of these

Correct Answer: D. All of these

17. Bacteria and fungi multiply best

A. below 16°C
B. between 16-38°C
C. above 38°C
D. none of these

Correct Answer: B. between 16-38°C

18. An organism has an optimal growth rate when the hydrogen ion concentration is very high. This organism is

A. osmotolerant
B. acidophile
C. neutrophile
D. aerotolerant anaerobe

Correct Answer: B. acidophile

19. Which of the following procedures uses a photocell to measure absorbance of a culture to regulate the flow of culture media?

A. Coulter Counter
B. Hemostat
C. Petroff-Hausser chamber
D. Trubidostat

Correct Answer: D. Trubidostat

20. Organisms, using organic compounds as electron donors are called

A. lithotrophs
B. phototrophs
C. chemotrophs
D. organotrophs

Correct Answer: D. organotrophs

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