Food Illness – Section 1

11. Arrange the potencies of toxin in descending order of the following canned foods

A. peas>string beans>spinach> corn
B. corn> string bean>peas>spinach
C. corn> spinach> peas>string beans
D. corn> peas>string beans>spinach

Correct Answer: D. corn> peas>string beans>spinach

12. The milk streptococci produce acetoin that gets spontaneously oxidized yielding a flavorings agent (responsible for aroma of butter) that is

A. acetone
B. acetyl coA
C. butyric acid
D. diacetyl

Correct Answer: D. diacetyl

13. The botulism intoxication occurs due to

A. an enterotoxin
B. neurotoxin
C. mycotoxin
D. all of these

Correct Answer: B. neurotoxin

14. The Bacillus cereus causes gastroenteritis by the production of an exoenterotoxin which is released in food as a result of

A. cell growth
B. cell autolysis
C. cell permeation
D. cell damage

Correct Answer: B. cell autolysis

15. Staphylococcal intoxication is caused by the toxin m the food from

A. Staphylococcus aureus
B. S. cerevisiae
C. S. thermophillus
D. none of these

Correct Answer: A. Staphylococcus aureus

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