Fermentation Kinetics – Section 2

6. The bubble column fermenter is usually limited to

A. aerobic fermentation
B. anaerobic fermentation
C. Both (a) and (b)
D. facultative fermentation

Correct Answer: A. aerobic fermentation

7. A culture in a closed vessel to which no additional medium is added and from which no waste products are removed is called a __________ culture.

A. continuous
B. batch
C. fed-batch
D. semi-continuous

Correct Answer: B. batch

8. If the specific growth rate, μ. is constant with time during the exponential growth period, the equation correlating bacterial number density Cn), cell number concentration with respect to time can be expressed as

A. Cn= Cn0exp[μ (t – t0)] B. Cn0= Cnexp[μ (t – t0)] C. Cn/Cn0=(1/μ)exp(t-t0)
D. Cn0/ Cn= (1/μ)exp(t-t0)

Correct Answer: A. Cn= Cn0exp[μ (t – t0)]

9. The diameter of the baffles in a standard stirred tank bioreactor ranges from

A. 1/10th– 1/12thof the tank diameter
B. 1/3rd– 1/4th of the tank diameter
C. 1/15th– 1/20thof the tank diameter
D. 1/20th– 1/25thof the tank diameter

Correct Answer: A. 1/10th– 1/12thof the tank diameter

10. During the log phase cell numbers increase exponentially

A. because cells produce enzymes
B. because cells do not have cell membranes
C. because cells are autocatalysts
D. because the rate of cell division increases exponentially

Correct Answer: C. because cells are autocatalysts

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