DNA Structure and Replication – Section 3

1. Which of the following is not a structural motif in DNA binding proteins?

B. helix-turn-helix
D. zinc finger

Correct Answer: C. TFIID

2. DNA with a G-C content of 50% will melt at approximately

A. 60°C
B. 70 °C
C. 90 °C
D. 100 °C

Correct Answer: C. 90 °C

3. Who’s X-ray work aided Watson and Crick in their discovery of the double helix?

A. W.H. Bragg
B. R. Franklin
C. L. Pauling
D. Leaderberg

Correct Answer: B. R. Franklin

4. DNA replication in eukaryotes occurs only in

A. G1 phase
B. S phase
C. G2 phase
D. M phase

Correct Answer: B. S phase

5. Which polymerase is active in DNA repairing

A. Polymerase I
B. Polymerase II
C. Polymerase III
D. none of these

Correct Answer: B. Polymerase II

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