Database Processing for BIS – General Questions

11. Business Intelligence (BI) reporting analyses can be performed using ________ .

A. standard SQL only
B. extensions to SQL only
C. OLAP only
D. both standard SQL and extensions to SQL

Correct Answer:  A. standard SQL only

12. We have been given access to the company’s operational data, and have been asked to produce a report. We discover that some of the data we need are in an SQL server database while other needed data are in a separate Oracle database. This is an example of ________ .

A. dirty data
B. inconsistent data
C. non-integrated data
D. a “wrong format” problem

Correct Answer:  C. non-integrated data

13. The reports generated by a reporting system are usually not delivered in which of the following media?

A. Web portal
B. Commercial courier service
C. Digital dashboard
D. E-Mail

Correct Answer:  B. Commercial courier service

14. Data mining applications are used accomplish which of the following tasks?

A. Process transactions only
B. Do RFM analysis only
C. Do what-if analysis only
D. Do both RFM and what-if analysis

Correct Answer:  C. Do what-if analysis only

15. Which of the following is an unsupervised data mining technique?

A. Cluster analysis only
B. Regression Analysis only
C. RFM Analysis only
D. Both Regression Analysis and RFM Analysis

Correct Answer:  A. Cluster analysis only

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