Database Processing for BIS – General Questions

6. RFM analysis uses customers’ purchasing patterns to ________ .

A. record transactions
B. analyze and rank customers
C. predict future sales using regression techniques
D. perform OLAP

Correct Answer:  B. analyze and rank customers

7. The “F” in RFM analysis stands for ________ .

A. frequently
B. freshness
C. fast food
D. fantasy

Correct Answer:  A. frequently

8. We have Market Basket data for 1,000 rental transactions at a Video Store. There are for videos for rent — Video A, Video B, Video C and Video D. The probability that both Video C and Video D are rented at the same time is known as ________ .

A. the basic probability
B. support
C. lift
D. confidence

Correct Answer:  B. support

9. Business Intelligence (BI) reporting systems cannot do which of the following operations?

A. Filter data
B. Group data
C. Modify data
D. Both filter and group data

Correct Answer:  C. Modify data

10. Which of the following is not a component of a data warehouse?

A. Data extraction/cleaning/preparation programs
B. Data warehouse data
C. Data metadata
D. None of the above are data warehouse components.

Correct Answer:  C. Data metadata

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