Cell Cycle – Section 1

26. Cells which no longer divide (such as certain specialized cells found in the human brain) remain in which phase of the cell cycle?

A. Prophase
B. S phase
C. G0 Phase
D. Gl Phase

Correct Answer: C. G0 Phase

27. The cell cycle is controlled in most cells by

A. time (after a certain length of time the cell divides)
B. a series of checkpoints
C. cell size (when the cell reaches a certain size, it divides)
D. different cells exhibit different control strategies

Correct Answer: D. different cells exhibit different control strategies

28. How many chromatids does a diploid body cell contain just prior to cell division?

A. 23
B. 46
C. 69
D. 92

Correct Answer: D. 92

29. DNA replication is controlled at which of the following checkpoint?

A. G1
B. G2
C. M
D. S

Correct Answer: A. G1

30. Which of the following begins when pairs of sister chromatids align in the center of the cell?

A. Anaphase
B. Interphase
C. Metaphase
D. Prophase

Correct Answer: C. Metaphase

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