Cell Cultivations – Section 1

16. The isolation of the gonorrhoea – causing organisms, Neisseria gonorrhoeae,from a clinical specimen is facilitated by the use of media containing

A. cellulose
B. certain antibiotics
C. succinate
D. none of these

Correct Answer: B. certain antibiotics

17. Anchorage -dependent cells require

A. wettable surface for growth
B. dry surface for growth
C. either (a) or (b)
D. nothing to do with the surface

Correct Answer: A. wettable surface for growth

18. Stringent anaerobes can be grown in a media by taking special measure as

A. boiling the media for several minutes
B. addition of cysteine
C. passing through oxygen-free nitrogen
D. any of these

Correct Answer: D. any of these

19. Radical shifts in pH can be prevented by incorporating

A. a buffer
B. an oxidizing agent
C. a reducing agent
D. any of these

Correct Answer: A. a buffer

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