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51. Who was the President of Gaya Session of the Indian National Congress held in 1922

(A) Chittaranjan Das
(B) S. N. Banerjee
(C) Dr. Rajendra Prasad
(D) Hakim Ajmal Khan

Correct Answer: (A) Chittaranjan Das

52. Who was the Chair Person in the All India Socialist Conference held at Patna 1934

(A) M.N. Roy
(B) Acharya Narendra Deva
(C) Sampurnanand
(D) Sri Prakasa

Correct Answer: (B) Acharya Narendra Deva

53. What was the traditional water conservation irrigation system used in South Bihar

(A) Ahar-Pyne
(B) Lohar-Pane
(C) Lodhi-Pyne
(D) Ahar-Pune

Correct Answer: (A) Ahar-Pyne

54. Which one was the capital of Bimbisara

(A) Girivraja
(B) Pataliputra
(C) Vaishali
(D) Rajgir

Correct Answer: (B) Pataliputra

55. Which Magadh King was also known by the name Seniya

(A) Ashok
(B) Shishunaga
(C) Ajatashatru
(D) Bimbisara

Correct Answer: (D) Bimbisara

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