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46. For many days the chhath festival is celebrated

(A) 2 days
(B) 3 days
(C) 4 days
(D) 5 days

Correct Answer: (C) 4 days

47. Which of the following lakes is situated in Bihar

(A) Anupam Lake
(B) Sambar Lake
(C) Sukhna Lake
(D) Kama Lake

Correct Answer: (A) Anupam Lake

48. Which of the following town is located in easternmost part of Bihar

(A) Bhagalpur
(B) Patna
(C) Katihar
(D) Purnia

Correct Answer: (C) Katihar

49. How much square meters forest area is there in Bihar

(A) 2819 square meters
(B) 3612 square meters
(C) 2461 square meters
(D) 2612 square meters

Correct Answer: (D) 2612 square meters

50. What is the approximate percent of geographical area covered under forest in Bihar

(A) 5 %
(B) 7 %
(C) 11 %
(D) 13 %

Correct Answer: (B) 7 %

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